Best surf spots around Montreal

Myriam Desforges —

Not sure you’ll be heading far from home for your vacation this summer? But you still want to enjoy being in your favorite bikini surfing some waves? Well, we got you covered girls! Did you know that you can surf right here in Quebec?

Yes, you can! Let’s dive in and discover places in and around Montreal where you can go surfing...

First of all, there is Guy's wave in Lasalle. It is considered a beginner's wave and is surfable all summer long. Surf classes are also given right there if you wish to learn or perfect your skills.

Photo credit : KSF


Then, still in Montreal, there is the Habitat 67 wave. Depending on the summer weather, there is 2 to 3 waves. We recommend this wave to people of intermediate/advanced level. Someone who has never surfed before would rather start with Guy's wave.

Finally, there’s one in the town of Chambly. This wave is only on during spring time. Plus, this wave is for experienced surfers/swimmers because of the strong currents.

Hope you enjoy yourself in the water this summer! Don't hesitate to let us know where’s your favorite spot to surf!

Team June xo