BTS: Day off in Greece

Catherine Jones —

The new Day Off in Greece collection tries to capture a moment of relaxation under the Greek sun.



Savitri Bastiani was able to stop time with photos that highlight the rays of the sun, the heat and the beauty of the city of Lourdata. Located on the south coast of Kefalonia, this village and its attractions are a source of inspiration for the new colors and new prints of the SP23 collection. 


We instantly fell in love with the Secret Roc villa, which is a luxury house perched on top of a mountain. Bordered by the sea, the landscape it offers is breathtaking. The swimming pool, the architecture and the Greek accents made this place a perfect location for our photoshoot.


Danai Vartholomatou was the ideal model to highlight the swimsuits of the new collection. Originally from Greece, she wants to promote health and well-being in her community. It is possible to follow her on social networks or on her online platform which offers a variety of training programs.


Among the favorite elements of this getaway are undeniably the villa, the food and the Greek landscapes.


See you again Kefalonia!