Burning Soul Collection: New Clothing by June, Made in Québec

Vanessa Taing —

Welcome to the enchanting world of the new Burning Soul collection By June. This season, immerse yourself in the charm of clothing crafted with passion in Québec, Canada. We are proud to present our latest creations, including the beautiful Flowy shirt available in two irresistible colors: Oceanic and Phoenix.

The Flowy shirt: essence of relaxation

In our collection, the Flowy shirt stands out for its casual elegance and unparalleled comfort. Made from quality materials, every detail has been carefully considered to offer you a unique clothing experience.

The Oceanic Flowy shirt, made entirely of cotton, wraps you in softness and freshness. Ideal for sunny spring days, it accompanies you stylishly on your outdoor adventures.

The Phoenix Flowy shirt, on the other hand, is a harmonious blend of 55% rayon and 45% linen, offering a light and airy texture. Perfect for your summer adventures, it provides an unparalleled feeling of freedom and comfort.

With its oversized 3/4 sleeves, the Flowy shirt offers you total freedom of movement. Whether you're hiking in the mountains, strolling on the beach, or exploring urban areas, this versatile piece will be your go-to choice.

Discover the Ella shorts: summer essential

To complete your summer look, nothing beats our Ella shorts, available in the same Oceanic and Phoenix colors for a perfect match with the Flowy shirt. Designed to blend comfort and style, the Ella shorts are a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

Featuring a cinched elastic waistband and a flattering high waist, the Ella shorts perfectly hug your curves while offering optimal freedom of movement. Made from 100% cotton for Oceanic and 55% Rayon and 45% Linen for Phoenix, these shorts are both soft to the touch and breathable, making them ideal for hot summer days.

Whether it's a casual day in the city, a seaside stroll, or a morning yoga session, the Ella shorts accompany you with style and comfort. Add a touch of freshness to your summer wardrobe with this versatile and trendy piece that perfectly embodies the spirit of the new Burning Soul collection.

Easy care, durable quality

At By June, we pride ourselves on offering quality clothing designed to last. To take care of your Flowy shirt, simply follow these care instructions:

  • Machine wash it cold to preserve the color and texture of your garment.
  • Hang it to dry naturally to maintain its original shape.
  • If needed, iron at a low temperature to refresh its elegance and appearance.

One brand, one philosophy

By June embodies a subtle balance between simplicity and versatility. We accompany you through all seasons, whether in the comfort of your home or during your travels around the world. Each By June product is crafted with love in Québec, thus reflecting our commitment to quality and local craftsmanship.

Explore the Burning Soul collection today

Don't miss the opportunity to discover our new made-in-Québec clothing. The Burning Soul collection is now available, so let yourself be seduced by the authenticity and timeless charm of By June and June Swimwear creations.