Our Surf Essentials

Janie Beauregard —

Whether you're a big surf enthusiast, or just want to try it someday, it's important to get to know the gear you'll need to bring along with you during this adventure.

Surfing is a demanding sport; perseverance can allow you to go beyond your limits and enjoy this discipline even more. The 'fun' really begins when you’re able to surf the entire wave. If you have already lived this moment, you know the feeling is completely liberating. During this period, it’s advantageous to have no distractions to enjoy fully the moment. This is why the first surf essential is a swimsuit that will not move at all during the activity.



The Jade model is the one that was developed for a collaboration with Ouisurf. It's June's little original and the best-seller because it's reliable when it comes to surfing. It is totally comfortable with the cross-back, which provides a perfect fit (and it’s very pretty too).

Azza is a more covering model, but just as sexy. Its minimalist cut reveals more skin on the sides, but don’t worry; it’s designed for active girls. The cross-back keeps the top tight at all times and allow you to surf without fear.


Sam surf is our ambassador’s favorite. It’s perfect for girls who want to have a triangle swimsuit. It’s also adjustable at the back, so it’s very solid and it makes very cute pictures! There’s even a small band under the chest to provide good support.


When you get a swimsuit, we hope it will stay beautiful for several surf trips! The Amber is the first bikini top that is reversible. Two for the price of one, it's convenient! It looks delicate; it has a rising neckline that expresses assurance and determination. It has a cross on the back, nothing better to keep it in place for hours and hours.



The Louise is a model without adjustment. It’s created to stay close to the body and be a perfect support for all types of activities. We like to match it with a bootykini to add a little sexy touch.

No matter which top you prefer, the bootykini fits with it! It's the June girls 'go to' because you never need to worry about it; it will stay in place, for better and for worse. (We swear)


The second surf essential is sunscreen. Ours is organic and can serve both as a foundation and protection against the sun's rays. It’s made from natural ingredients such as avocado oil, cocoa bean butter, jojoba oil and shea butter. Perfect to look radiant all day long.



The surf bag is also essential; it’s perfect for protecting your board during your trips to the beach. It’s also very cute and fits well with all our bikinis.


If you're the chilly-kind-of-girl, the Valeria After-Surf poncho is for you! It allows you to change surf spots or relax on the beach after a long surf session, without getting cold. It will keep you dry in addition to being super comfortable. It's a must for your surf trips.

Most of all, the important thing is to have fun! Enjoy the moment and go crazy.


Team June