Erika & Marie-Christine, founders of The Salty Souls and The Salty Club

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Inspiring women of our community – Discover Erika & Marie-Christine founders of The Salty Souls and The Salty Club.

The first time I heard about the Salty Souls, I was watching Surf INC. by Ouisurf. Since then, I’ve always been inspired by Erika and Marie-Christine, who took a leap of faith and started their own businesses abroad.


The Salty Souls & The Salty Club

Since its debut, the Salty Souls has grown exponentially and is now known and admired throughout the world. It offers all-inclusive surf, yoga, and empowerment trips internationally.

Similarly, the Salty Club focuses on at-home training, yoga, nutrition, and empowerment to help « sharpen the body, the mind and the soul from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year. »

Both brands want to provide a holistic approach on health and wellness. The various content they offer is accessible, resourceful and knowledge.

Last year, I participed in their 20/20 challenge which I found challenging yet rewarding. After every workout, I thought to myself – I can do hard things


Erika Drolet


Erika is the co-founder of the Salty Souls as well as the founding trainer & yogi for the Salty Club. Originally from Quebec, she decided to follow her passion and move to El Salvador. She has a badass entrepreneurial mindset and is always undertaking new projects.

Personally, I admire her content on social media for its authenticity and its vulnerability. On her Instagram you’ll find fitness, surf, yoga and inspirational content. Amongst other things, she encourages everyone to follow their instincts, live their best lives and do rad things. Her feel good content motivates women to be the best version of themselves, to never doubt about their abilities and to take up space.


Marie-Christine Amyot


Marie-Christine is the co-founder and surf-coach of the Salty Souls & the Salty Club. She is also from Quebec but has always been driven by the desire to live near the ocean. Now, she works and surfs year-round throughout South America.

« My intention is to create a nice space where I will be able to share with you my passion for travelling, discovering new cultures, interacting with humans, but above all, my ultimate love for surfing! »

She just recently had a baby which motivated her and her team to create an online program called Salty Mama which focuses on the journey into motherhood. It offers diverse content ranging from training to nutritious recipes! I encourage you to check out the Salty Mama program.


To finish this entry, we’ve had the chance to ask a few questions to the Salty Souls:


Where did the idea to create Salty Souls come from?

The idea came during a trip to Ecuador when we were working on a video for June Swimwear ;). We were thinking how difficult it is, in addition to being intimidating, to learn how to surf, especially as a girl! So, we thought it would be cool to create the kind of trip we would have dreamed of going on when we started surfing, to learn the right way, to give us confidence in the ocean and to avoid making the thousand and one mistakes that we ourselves have made.


Why El Salvador and Ecuador?

Because we are in love with these 2 countries ;) Ecuador because Marie-Christine was already spending a lot of time there (her boyfriend is Ecuadorian) and El Salvador because we had both been there before and we loved it the vibe. We wanted to make you discover these little corners of paradise.


What is your best surfing memory?

Hard to say, there are so many! But in 2020, we did a girls surf trip to Las Flores in El Salvador (a beach where there's nothing else to do but surf ;)) We slept in little cabins on the beach, we ate rice cakes with plenty of peanut butter (we didn't have a kitchen), we surfed until our arms couldn't paddle anymore... we had a lot of fun :)


Do you have any advice for a girl who would like to start surfing?

Come on a Salty Souls retreat ;) haha! But no joke, it's important to know basic theory and to practice to avoid dangerous situations or get hurt. It also allows you to learn faster. So, take lessons, be patient, enjoy the learning process because learning to surf is a lifetime process!


What’s your favourite June bikini to surf?

The Yvonne bottom and the Louise top!


So, see you at the next retreat?

Visit the Salty Souls Experience website.