How are your bikinis made?

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

When you put on a June swimsuit to jump in the ocean, no matter where you are in the world, you make a difference and support a Montreal company that produces locally.

We wanted to share with you in this article the steps behind producing our swimsuits. This way, you’ll have a better idea of ​​where they come from and the process behind each piece you buy.


Inspiration and creation

All our swimsuits are created through the team work of Julie M.D our founder / designer and Julie G. our graphic designer. Together, they draw prints, find fabrics and design the styles.

For every collection, a connecting thread appears and from there is born a theme and an atmosphere that will represent the collection.

Then, a technical catalog of the collection is created, illustrating all the future models that will be produced. This catalog becomes our main reference until we have the collection in hand.


The creation of samples, patterns and gradation

To create our swimsuits, Julie has to sew a sample for each style. These samples will be used for photoshoots and by our sales representatives to sell the collection to our retailers.

During the creation of the samples, we also create the patterns which will be used by the factory during production. Then, the gradation is performed to create the different sizes for each style. All of this is done in our very own workspace located in Montreal.


Final approval of the collection 

A key step for us at June Swimwear is to review the entire collection with our sales representatives. Since they are the point of contact with our retailers and they know our customers very well, their expertise is crucial to define if a piece is missing from the collection or if a piece doesn't fit in. It's real team work!


 Production at the factory in Quebec 

Once the collection is finalized, it's time to produce it. Since we have several external points of sale plus an online store, we work with a Quebec factory to produce our swimsuits. Our warehouse would be way too small to produce the quantities we need! Once the factory is done, they ship us the swimsuits and we prepare them for you. 


Then comes the travel part... 

Meanwhile, two photoshoots are made for the collection. We have a studio shoot and also a "lifestyle" shoot somewhere around the world. For the lifestyle photoshoot, we always try to choose a new destination to share our travels with you. It is also important to us to find a local model for the shoot abroad, plus they are always the best guides to discover the region with!


From us to you ... 

Finally, the last step is to put our collection online with the descriptions and photos to help you choose your bikinis! Then, when you place an order, we label every swimsuit by hand and pack it with love. 

There you go, now you know a bit more about your bikinis! 

Team June xo