Island-hopping session with Alexandra Carrière

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Turquoise blue water, white sand and lifetime experiences are few of the reasons why our nomade ambassador Alexandra Carrière and her boyfriend are travelling without expiration date. We asked her to talk about her island-hopping expertise and the highlight of her favorite islands to add on our bucket list. Living the dream since several months, she had the chance to explore our beautiful blue planet in a very unique way. 


Discovering islands often means having to pay for getaways by boat or plane and sometimes it's only to visit one of them. For my part, I had the chance to visit a lot of islands since the beginning of the year 2018.

My boyfriend and I, are both lovers of water, traveled by sailboat from Quebec to the Dominican Republic, via The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.

We created the page Andraloha to share our trip around the world. Whether by boat, plane or train, Andraloha is discovering the land via the sea. Our goal is simple, enjoy what the sea can offer us and take care of it in return! Being most of the time in the water, the June Swimwear swimsuits follow me wherever the waves are!

Here are my top 3 best islands that may give you a taste to take a short trip to the middle of the ocean of your own. Let's dive into it together... 

1- Compas Cay - Bahamas

It’s beautiful capes of rocks and landscapes.

You can swim with nurse sharks! Put on your mask and your snorkel and jump from the dock ... they will come to say "hello"! A short walk along the sea and here you are in a natural bubble bath. At high tide, it's a real playground. At low tide, a crystalline pool appears.

You can have a good Kalik (local beer) anywhere on the beach! Living the dream!

2- Long Island - Bahama

What charmed me: The Blue Hole is without a doubt my favorite. The second deepest in the world - recognized worldwide for its "freediving" competitions, a discipline more and more popular, which requires perfect control of the body.

You can jump off the cliff (25 feet) or just hang out on the paradise beach. The Hamilton caves are impressive by their stalactites and their stalagmites that make you feel like in a James Bond movie!

The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resorts & Villas is beautiful. Our sail boat was anchored in the bay in front of this hotel so we took the opportunity to have a drink at sunset! We were feeling "jetset" a little!

3- Dominican Republic

The mountains, the vegetation and the Spanish language are the things I love about this place.

Cabarete is the best place to learn the windsurfing or kitesurfing! Wind is always there to practice these sports...Or even rent a motorbike and drive from village to village.

The nightlife of Cabarete is going on barefoot in the sand to have a drink, to dance or even to play volleyball at night!

What I found the most magical about visiting an island, is that no matter how big it is or where it is, it makes you realize that you have both feet on it, in the middle of nowhere!

By Alexandra Carrière

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