Since 2009

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

From 2009 to 2019 ...

Because it's our 10th anniversary this year, we wanted to share with you June's story from the beginning and its turning points.

The beginnings 

Julie, founder and designer of June, was freshly graduated of sewing courses from Zig Zag in Montreal when she started the company. It was her previous trip to Australia that gave her the desire and the determination to design bikinis that would represent her love for the ocean and for surfing.

She was determined to create feminine and sportive swimsuits. The goal was simple; to give women the freedom to embrace sunshine, surf and everything that travel can mean. In other words, to create bikinis that allow women from all around the world to be active and to feel good. 

Photo credit : Simon Côté @spcote

From the living room to the factory- 2009

Starting a business is not the easiest thing... In the early days of June, Julie had to work two jobs. During weekdays she worked as a designer for another company and in the evening and on the weekends she worked for June. She designed and sewed every swimsuit herself in the middle of her living room on her coffee table.

In 2011, June gained popularity, more quantities were needed and Julie couldn't continue to sew every pieces by herself. That's when she found a factory here in Quebec that could support her with the production. Since then, she has been able to focus on designing and creating the samples.  

The first retailer - 2009

It's in 2009, that June finds its first retailer; Solo échantillons on Laurier street in Montréal. It's the beginning of a new adventure... Today, June has more than 100 retailers across Canada and a few internationally. 

When "Ju" becomes three - 2014

In 2014, Jully Gingras and Julie Bertrand joined Julie.

Jully is the graphic designer who draws most of the prints for our bikinis. She also takes care of all the visual aspects of the company. She divides her time between June and her two kids.

Julie Bertrand, joined June as sales representative. With a great expertise in the fashion industry, Julie ensures the consistency of our collections by adding her personal touch! In addition, she is a co-owner of the agency Top Notch and travels through Quebec (and the world) to attend events where her brands participate.

Photo credit : Brijana Cato @iambrijana

June Swimwear : the online store - 2014

With several retailers across the country, it's now time to do things big and to launch our online store:!

On our website, you can shop all styles of swimsuits we have in inventory, some accessories and even surfboards!

June is growing – 2017 and 2018

The June family is growing and several talented people are joining the team...

First Charlyne who becomes our communications specialist after her internship with us. Then, Lesley, our 2nd representative joins June to take care of the retailers in Western Canada. Then, Audrey comes along as a graphic designer during Jully's maternity leave. Subsequently, Laurence is hired to manage customer relations and events. Finally, Odile joins us as assistant designer.

It's nice to work with such a beautiful team!

Photo credit : Simon Côté @spcote


Then… 2019 !

June now has 5 passionate employees and 2 sparkling representatives.

June wandered around the world to create more than 20 lifestyle photo shoots.

Our workspace is now open to the public every Tuesday and Thursday between 11 am and 6 pm. We love to meet our customers and assist them while they are shopping.

We also offer personalized shopping appointments tailored to the needs of our clients to help them find the perfect bikini! Click here to know more!

Since the beginning all our bikinis have been designed and produced in Quebec (with lots of love)!


We want to say a big THANK YOU for being here and encouraging us to grow and to support a local company.  Every day, it is because of you that we are able live from our passions.

Team June xo