June Swimwear X Salty Souls: How It Began

Marie-Christine Amyot —

The collaboration between June and Salty is born from a commun passion for travelling and adventure. Marie-Christine and Erika were already part of the June’s Team. MC was an ambassador and Eri was in charge of everything involving social media.

When Salty Souls was created, one year ago, MC and Erika offered Julie to collaborate since both companies shared almost the same mission, which is to offer to young, active girls an experience to learn and discover new cultures and languages, to try new sports and to step out out of their comfort zone, the definition of nomads!

June gained notoriety in the industry not only by offering high quality products, but also promoting an adventurous and exciting lifestyle. June Swimwear sells more than just bikinis, they sell dreams! Salty Souls put these bathing suits into action based on the idea of moving, traveling, and surfing.  It was logical for them to work together in an effort to bring a group of girls who wants to push themselves and explore in hopes of being an inspiration to one another. June X Salty, is a community of passionate and motivated girls seeking a healthy and active lifestyle, so their life can be a continuous adventure!

A June Swimwear bikini was created especially for the Salty Souls experience. The bottom has an elastic at the waist, which offers more support while surfing and the top can either be a bikini top or a yoga top. Girls who participate to Salty Souls have the chance to share unique and rewarding experiences in a judgment free atmosphere thanks to surfing, yoga, healthy meals and self-development workspace! We want them to feel special in their own skin, so that together we can all work to appreciate our imperfections!