Ligia, soundhealer by day, DJ by night

Catherine Jones —

Inspiring women of our community – Discover Ligia Jimenez

At June Swimwear, it has always been important, during lifestyle photoshoots, to highlight the local personalities behind the chosen travel destinations. This initiative stems from a desire to promote culture from elsewhere and to learn more about the world.

For the Ode to Wilderness collection in El Salvador, we chose to work with Ligia Jimenez. Originally from Central America, she shares her unique way of life, and she offers authentic content on social networks. From the landscapes to the adventures that she publishes online, she always seems to find a way to spark passion and curiosity in all of us.

Ligia is a multidisciplinary artist – she is an art director, a graphic designer, a DJ, a yoga teacher, and she practices soundhealing. Her background and multiple interests seem to inspire her community to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. We asked her a few questions about her versatile skills, her ambitions, and her inspirations.

Tell us a little bit about you!

I’m a scorpio sun and moon living in the tropics. Fueled by music and inspired by the ocean, Yoga junkie and soundhealer by day, DJ by night.


Art director, graphic designer, DJ, soudhealing, yoga instructor... What is the best thing about what you do?

All of these are an expression and inspiration through art, and you can mix them together to create a cool experience! Design is my connection to the visual arts, sound healing to the art of harmonizing the energetic body, Yoga is an art of awakening consciousness through the physical body and DJing to me is union of a tribe through the art of dance.


How is living in El Salvador?

Perfect weather, short distances, waves and nature everywhere, people are as smiley as you can you can watch the sunrise in a volcano, swim in a lake and watch sunset by the ocean all in one day. Basically paradise!


What is your best travel memory?

15 days Sailing from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas and stopping in magic islands and secret spots to dive and explore all the way.


What's your next project / something you would like to try?

I am currently exploring ways of using my passions and find channels to share
them with others and learn from what others have to share. Another personal project for me right now is surfing as it brings a lot of motivation to my life in many areas.


Which June bikini is your favorite?

Jade Bikini Top in Seabed paired with Yvonne Bikini Bottom in Tobacco. Perfect fit and stays on all surf session long!