Making waves for a green planet

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

At June Swimwear, the environment and our planet are very important to us and we try our best to do our part as a business to be as green as we can.

With the summer nights and the beach days ahead of us, we wanted to share with you our ways of being eco-friendly and let you know how you make a difference by wearing a June swimsuit before jumping in the waves!

Producing locally

As you probably already know, CO2 emissions from transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world. That's why we are proud to produce all our swimsuits locally here in Quebec, Canada. By avoiding international transport for our production, we minimize our greenhouse gas emissions.


Local workforce

We are very proud to work with a local workforce. Both at the factory and at the workspace, we work with people in the Quebec region and we offer them ethical and fair working conditions. We wish to create a pleasant and fulfilling work environment with a great work life balance. Our people are the core of what we do!

Reducing the waste of fabric

At June, we recycle. Not only in the warehouse and the workspace, but also in the factory. After making our bikinis, instead of throwing away unused scraps of fabric, we use the leftovers to create hair accessories. Which means we recycle by creating headbands and scrunchies that fit perfectly with our bikinis!


Swimsuits made of recycled water bottles

Coming soon, we will be launching our second collection of eco-friendly swimsuits. These bikinis are made of 85% recycled fabric and are exclusive to MEC boutiques and our online store. The recycled fabric is made from plastic bottles and garbage recovered from Mediterranean sea.

What's better than buying your next bikini while helping to clean the oceans?

Team June xo