Meet Julie - Our Designer

Magalie Shah —

Team work makes the dream work!

But a team would never be the same without its leader! Julie, June Swimwear’s beloved founder, created the first June bikini in 2009 and has been designing your favourite swimsuits ever since. She built the brand from scratch and can now proudly say that we are a team of 5 employees and 2 representatives!

We wanted to ask her a few questions to better understand what it’s like to be the designer and founder of June Swimwear. First, she described the beginning of the company: she started sewing bathing suits simply because it was something that she liked to do! June was born from her love for surf and fashion and her desire to create a bikini that would actually hold on in the waves! Following your passion can become inspiring work!

What is she the most proud of? It takes her a few seconds to think: so many answers to one simple question! Her team, she says, laughing (we love you too, Julie)! But she is also extremely proud of the 100% local production of June Bikinis and the efforts we put into using recycled materials in our collections! These actions and innovations are on par with our desire for ecological local commerce. 

Although Julie couldn’t divulge all of June Swimwear’s future projects, she got us excited by promising that something really cool is to come. Stay tuned on our social media to satisfy your curiosity!

Finally, we asked her to share her greatest wish for June Swimwear! Julie ultimately hopes that the company has given you the desire to travel and to step out of your comfort zone. She hopes that you feel free to do what pleases you and to discover new horizons. She also confessed that she wished to travel through our community thanks to the pictures you send us: mission accomplished!


Team June xo