Meet Jully: The Creative Force Behind June

Vanessa Taing —

Jully is not just a co-designer but also a talented graphic artist, guiding the vision of June Swimwear. Her journey began in Montreal, where she lived for 40 years before moving to Shefford a year ago.

Since 2009, Jully has been an integral part of June, shaping its aesthetic and contributing to its success. As a co-designer and graphic artist, she collaborates with Julie, the owner and her close friend. Their strong creative chemistry is evident in every style and color palette they develop together.

According to Jully, what sets June apart from other swimwear brands is its ability to inspire women, evoke a sense of travel, and promote a feeling of freedom through their designs.

Jully's favorite collection? Always the latest one just released—her enthusiasm for each new launch is contagious!

Regarding specific pieces, Jully has a soft spot for the Béa and Whitney in Love Story styles from the current collection. She particularly loves the lifestyle photos that capture the essence of these designs.

 As a swimmer herself, Jully's go-to one-piece swimsuit is the Nova. Its supportive and stylish criss-cross back has won her heart and performs beautifully during her swimming sessions.

Jully's role extends beyond design; she plays a vital role in developing prints and various visual aspects of the company. Her creativity, sense of humor, and positive energy are indispensable to the June team and have been essential to the brand's evolution from the very beginning.

Jully's dedication and passion for June Swimwear shine through in every detail of the swimwear brand, making her an indispensable part of the creative force behind the company.