Never miss a swell with Surf the Greats!

Charlyne Réhel —

If you’re planning a weekend getaway in Toronto, you should stop by the Surf the Greats store to visit our friends and passionate surfers.  This company establish and foster community through the adventure of surfing the Great Lakes and beyond. By subscribing to their surfing trip, you’ll explore and reconnect with the magnificence of Canada’s nature.


It’s their implication through the community and their constant effort to protect the natural resources of our Canadian beauty who made us connect with their values. We are sharing their passion for the surf and water sports. Love and respect for our home country leads us to create, design and produce entirely our collection here, in Canada. With this decision, we are encouraging our local economy and reducing waste by sourcing locally. It’s our own way to contribute to a green planet!


We are proud to offer our latest June Swimwear’s collection at the Surf the Greats store located on Carlaw Avenue in Toronto. You are an adventure seeker? Learn to surf with them, all ISA certified surf instructors, in Lake Ontario, Erie or Huron. You want to know more about it? Head to their web site for more details. See you in the water!


Team June