New "SWIMMING" Collection - Everything You Need To Know About

Vanessa Taing —

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new swimwear collection, Just Swim "SWIMMING.". For this collection, we have exceptionally produced our swimwear in Indonesia, in Bali, in collaboration with an exceptional Quebec agency. 

About Our Quebec Partner

Let us introduce you to the story behind the creation of this collection. At June Swimwear, we are deeply rooted in our Quebec heritage. That's why we chose to work exclusively with a Quebec family agency. This agency is run by two dedicated sisters, one based in Montreal and the other residing in Bali to oversee the production of our swimwear in Bali. Their collaboration enables us to maintain high standards of regulation, quality, and ethics throughout the production process.

In Quebec, we are aware of the challenges many companies face in production. That's why we chose to partner with this agency to ensure that our swimwear is made with the utmost care, while maintaining our commitment to our Quebec partners and ensuring our prices are competitive.

Discover the Collection

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of our brand new SWIMMING collection at June Swimwear! With no less than six unique pieces, including our essential post-sport/lounge clothing Paula and Ursula, available in 2 colors: Nero and Jeep, as well as our brand new Just Swim model, the Nova. This model is available in three shades including Jeep, Nero, and Hype. Designed to make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and comfortable during all your aquatic activities and more. This collection embodies the very essence of elegance and comfort. Each piece has been meticulously designed to combine aesthetics and functionality, so you can fully enjoy your laps in the pool. To keep a bikini side, the Jenna and June swimsuits will be perfect for you! Available in 2 colors, Jeep and Nero. The Jenna bikini top is perfect for swimming thanks to its racerback design that is specially designed to promote shoulder mobility, giving you the flexibility you need for your swimming sessions. As for the June bikini bottom, it offers a classic flattering full coverage cut on all silhouettes. This bottom provides the elasticity and support needed to keep you confident from start to finish!

Discover this new collection, now available at June Swimwear.