Travel Guide: the Mexican oasis

Charlyne Réhel —

During this cold weather, us summer lovers, flew to the colorful and vibrant town of Sayulita, Mexico for the lifestyle shooting of the Ola de Calor collection. This beach town is bustling with delicious food, cute shops and margaritas (loads of them!).  Some long time locals gave us tips on the best places to explore during our stay and we wanted to share our favorite places with you. Let's discover Sayulita together...



Petit Hotel Hafa

Located in the heart of Sayulita, the Petit Hotel Hafa represents perfectly the tropical Mexican vibes with colorful walls, geometric forms and plenty of plants. Few minutes walking from the beach, we fell under the spell of this Pinterest approved hotel. You might spy a familiar face between these walls as our model is a local who works there and she makes the best margaritas... just saying! 


Be ready for a... food coma! 

Try Mary's taco 

It's the place to stop by for the best tacos in town. Cheap, local and generous portions, the Mary's restaurant have everything you'll expect for original and homemade tacos with extra guac por favor

Foodies, this one is for you 

Craving a Mexican dish with a little twist ? El Itacate restaurant is serving burritos in a fried cheese wrapped instead of a regular tortilla. It's the place you should add to your foodie bucket list.

Just one drink...

Intimate, calm with a little touch of Harry Potter's witchcraft, the Cava bar offers the best potions or should we say drinks of Sayulita. Artisan mezcal tasting, fresh squeezed juices and friendly atmosphere, this place is one of our highlights. 



Filled with handmade pieces of art, the Palu store (left) is proudly owned by two talented artists inspired by their culture and country. By walking into the store, we fell in love with their laid-back vibe and art who couldn't leave us empty handed. We had to bring a little bit of Palu back home... 


Evoke the Spirit

A minimalist store where every little detail has been thought of, welcome to the Evoke the Spirit (right). From home goodies, textiles and skulls to workshops, this place is one of a kind where you can find pieces nowhere else.

Here's few little tips for you to include in the planning of your Sayulita's trip

1. Bring cash with you - there's often not enough money in the ATM'S

2. You must try the Paletas located in front of the Evoke the Spirit store. They are handmade pop-sicles with real fruits. There's nothing better to beat the heatwave!

We hope you added new places on your bucket list! 

Team June