Starting Swimming: Jully's 3 Essential Tips

Alicia Toublanc —

Swimming is more than just a sport; it's a passion that we share with Jully, co-designer and graphic designer at June Swimwear. To guide you in your aquatic journey, we had the privilege of asking her a few questions. Here are her three invaluable tips for getting started in this sport.


1. Equip yourself with the right gear
To succeed in swimming, it's essential to choose the right gear. Jully highly recommends a comfortable, well-fitting one-piece swimsuit to prevent water from getting inside. She also advises opting for fixed straps to avoid the inconvenience of dangling cords. Her personal favorite is the Zara one-piece in Scotland from our Just Swim collection!

Besides your swimsuit, a water bottle is an absolute must. Swimming demands sustained cardiovascular effort, hence the importance of staying well-hydrated. And don't forget flip-flops, essential for avoiding unpleasant wet feet after your session. Consider waterproof pouches too for storing your wet swimsuit and towel, a clever way to avoid post-pool hassles!


2. Prioritize technique over speed
Contrary to popular belief, swimming isn't about covering the greatest distance in the shortest time. According to Jully, it's crucial to take the time to master your movements. Swimming becomes an incredibly beneficial sport for the body when techniques are correctly applied. By mastering your movements, you'll discover a whole new dimension to swimming. Not only will you be more efficient in the water, but you'll also feel a beautiful harmony between your body and the aquatic element.


3. Progress at your own pace and be patient
The key to success in swimming lies in gradual progress. Each session presents an opportunity to improve your technique and build your endurance. Don't be discouraged if you find yourself quickly out of breath. The less frequent breathing might be disconcerting at first, but with practice, you'll gain confidence. The essential thing is to persevere and savor every moment in the water.

Swimming offers physical and mental benefits. So, equip yourself wisely, focus on technique, and let yourself be carried away by the rewards of this comprehensive sport!

See you at the pool?
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