Summer essentials

Catherine Jones —

Never leave on a vacation without these essential items! Here’s a list of things you absolutely need to have with you on your next trip around the world.


1. A reliable bathing suit

Is there anything better than having a quality swimsuit that is easy to bring with you and is light in your luggage? We believe it’s a must-have if you want to have a worry-free experience while traveling - because you’ll definitely want to show off your June Swimwear bikini everywhere you go.


2. Aloha Pouches

If you’re a fan of organizing things like we are - you’ll absolutely need the waterproof pouches on your next trip. Here’s a few ideas of what to put in them : makeup, surf wax, bathing suits… We can’t live without them!


3. Comfortable sandals

We love to wear our Malvados sandals while traveling - they are simple yet efficient. With these pairs of sandals, you’ll never have to worry about your feet hurting or lack of storage in your luggage. Plus, they’re designed here in Canada!


4. Turkish towels

If you don’t have one yet : you’re missing out. These towels are the definition of soft and versatile. You can wear them or take them anywhere you go and you never have to think twice. They’re a stylish must-have.


5. Sunscreen and lip balms

The Salt and Stone products are essentials to bring on your next vacation - they are made of organic ingredients that are good for you and for the planet. These add-ons will bring you joy and comfort while you’re away. 

Hope you have a great trip, see you on the next flight!