Swimsuits that clean the ocean

Audrey-Anne Marcotte —

Because we have the environment at heart, June is working hard every year to innovate in eco friendly practices. Knowing that the textile industry has a big impact on the environment and climate change, we have been incorporating eco friendly fabrics in our collections for the past few years. We currently use 2 types of eco fabrics at June: recycled nylon and ecoyarn, which is made from recycled polyester. Let us take you through this eco process…

 Our eco fabrics made from recycled nylon, come from fishing nets and plastic ocean waste. After being collected in the ocean, nylon threads are cleaned and regenerated to become a recycled nylon fabric. By using this fabric in our collections, we reduce our ecological footprint and help cleaning oceans of waste that could take many centuries to decompose. You can find this recycled nylon in our new collection Active by June in Dusk and Pecan colors.


June also offers swimwear made from recycled polyester. The principle is very similar; plastic bottles and waste are recovered from the Mediterranean Sea, then transformed into "Ecoyarn". Our fabric supplier also makes sure to reduce its water consumption during the plastic transformation process. Ultimately, the company uses green energy - solar power - to support the manufacturing of its fabrics. You can find ecoyarn in the colors Naval, Graphite, Lotus, Starfish, Cherry… In short, we are proud to offer swimsuits that turns heads, but which also saves our beautiful planet.

Inspired by the urge for climate change, June works hard to find alternatives for creating new swimsuits. If you want to discover the comfort of our eco-friendly fabrics, make sure to check the "eco'' mention on our website while shopping online. Now let’s get Salty!

Team June xo