To add on your bucket list...

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

With Summer slowly coming to an end, we are starting to think about our next travel destination ... To inspire you where to head this fall, we asked our ambassadors to share their favorite travel destination.


Noémie Parent – The pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka

 " My favorite travel destination in the world is undoubtedly Sri Lanka. Whether if it’s for adventures, relaxation, food or even accommodation, you’ll love it! Sri Lanka is called "The pearl of the Indian Ocean" and it is only once I arrived at destination that I understood why…

What I love about the place is that you can surf turquoise water one day, then head to a national park to observe elephants and leopards the next day, and then the day after that, zigzag between mountains of tea trees on a train.

One of the first things that surprised me was the cleanliness of the country, which is quite rare in Asia. I was also marked by the absence of tourists - even though I was traveling in high season. The beaches were deserted, the water was warm, free of waste and the landscapes were simply a dream.

In southern Sri Lanka, it's heaven for accommodations and food. There are many beautiful guesthouses and small hotels similar to the ones in Bali. The cherry on top was to discover the Sri Lankan cuisine that is made from coconut milk, just enough to make me salivate while dreaming of my next hoppers filled with coconut sambal. "


Laurence Bolduc-Hénen (@laulbh) – The other end of the world, Western Australia 

" Without a doubt, Western Australia occupies a very special place in my heart. The Margaret River region, as well as Denmark, Albany and Esperance all marked me forever.

 By its distance from the rest of the world, this Australian state is almost free of tourists. Just picture the turquoise sea, cliffs, blue sky, vineyards and nature; there's so much to explore. You find yourself in arid landscapes with kangaroos, cliffs from which you observe the whales, karri tree forests and the best of all is that you’ll mainly be alone in this immensity.

To enjoy this place thoroughly and for unforgettable moments, a camper van road trip is probably the way to go! "


Alexandra Carrière (@alexandracarriere) – An island paradise, the Philippines

"My favorite destination is definitely the Philippines! And there are many reasons why… 

First, being an ocean lover, I fell for all the deserted islands that you can discover while hopping between islands. One of the experiences that has struck me most was to make my Freediver certification in a volcanic lake on the island of Coron ... I’ll remember it FOREVER!

The seabed of the Philippines is breathtaking, as are its many waterfalls around the country. And above all, the locals are so joyful and happy it's amazing to experience!

The islands of the Philippines may be far from Quebec but they - without a doubt! - are worth a visit! "


Yasmeen Ghanavi (@yasmeenghanavi) – The island of the gods, Bali

"Oh Bali ... My paradise island!

I fell in love with the island of Bali for its diversity, its landscapes, its atmosphere and its people. As soon as I set foot there, I felt at home!

It's a place that reminds me of a thousand and one memories: scooter adventures to discover the most beautiful waterfalls, mornings lost in the rice fields, surf lessons at Canggu beach and beers at sunset with friends!

It's no surprise that I'm planning to return for the 3rd time this fall ... "