Travel Guide: Discovering an Antilles paradise

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, we flew into the French Antilles for the photo shoot of our Summer Bloom collection that will launch very soon. We chose to travel to Guadeloupe, a sunshine paradise where the surfers can ride great waves and the nature lovers can hike in the rainforest. For the foodies, you won’t be disappointed either, we promise!

Here are small guide to our favorite addresses…

- For the Foodies -

You can’t set foot in Guadeloupe without tasting a pastry or two (or three!). The Aléonard bakery serves an incredible date bread that is worth the detour. Plus, the pastries there are delicious! You’ve been warned; the choice will be difficult.

L & B
If you crave Creole grill, the L & B won’t disappoint you. From smoked chicken to ribs and grilled fish, we loved it all. Not to mention the relaxed atmosphere of the place and the excellent value for money.

Pizzeria in front of the L & B
Located right in front of the L & B restaurant is a pretty little pizzeria housed inside a container. It's probably the best pizza we've had in a long, long time. Yummm!


- A moment for yourself -

Credit: Tendacayou Ecolodge and Spa


Tendacayou Ecolodge and Spa
The Tendacayou Ecolodge and Spa located in Deshaies, is a must to relax and admire the sea view. In this tropical garden, you can meditate between the mango trees while listening to the birds singing. For a peaceful state of mind, feel free to use the jacuzzi, the natural waterfall and the hammam on site.

Credit: Hanao Kayak


Hanao Kayak
To make things a bit differently, head to Hanao Kayak at the beach La Coulée. They rent transparent kayaks! You can explore the turquoise waters of the lagoon of Saint-François and its coral reef without disturbing the ecosystem. There is no better way to marvel at the underwater flora and fauna. Pssst! Make sure to take your camera with you.

Credit: Nuska Deco & Art


Nuska Deco & Art
Who does not like to be inspired on a trip? We fell in love with the Nuska Deco & Art decoration shop located in Saint-François. Next to the beach of Raisins Clairs, this pretty boho chic boutique, which renews its finds every week, also serves delicious bowls to go at lunchtime. Simply order it the day before and pick it up on your way to the beach the next day!


- For the Beach Lovers -

Being in a tropical paradise, we had to spend some time exploring the beaches around us. Our favorites were the Souffleur beach in Port-Louis for its golden sand and the Bois de Jolan Beach for its coconut trees and crystal clear turquoise waters. The Pointe des Châteaux is also a must, this peninsula located at the far east of the island is bordered by beautiful beaches.


Team June xo