Why travelling is good for you and your moral?

Charlyne Réhel —

Travel is a thing that comes with a desire of adventure and the passion to explore new things. There's plenty of opportunities that comes with travelling. Let us tell you 5 reasons (at least) why you need to travel as soon as possible! Let's get the bag ready! 


 1. First are foremost, it helps exhale all your worries and inhale positivity. When you travel, you stress less about what's going on at home and you feel better - even when you will be at the airport waiting to catch your plane. The smell of the beach and the salty water will help you breathe better and feeling the wind in your hair will give you a sense of freedom. Who doesn’t want to have a beachy look anyway?


2. Second, it improves your passion for adventure for sure! You plan on creating a bucket list of places you want to visit? It’s now time check some places of your bucket list and follow your dreams! You’ll probably (or definitely) feel the need to add places on your bucket list when you come back from your first trip or you’ll stay longer than expected because you will feel like home (home is where the heart is). When you will be in an adventurous mood you will do stuff that you didn’t think you would do one day because you’ll feel less fear – sky diving, scuba diving, mountain biking… what else?

3. It will for sure open your eyes to the reality of other cultures. You will feel the need to learn more about how other people live their life. Learning about other cultures will make you see the world differently and change your perspective about life. You may sometimes have a culture shock, but it will be for your own good. Your vision of the world will be different. Not only the way people live their life, but also the food they eat and the way they think and act.


4. Travelling is the best way to challenge yourself. You will come back stronger and more confident. You may even want to try new things once back at home because you will come back more powerful and with more energy than you than before. Hiking a mountain that you never thought you could hike? Jumping a cliff that's higher than something you never expected you could even do someday? Diving under the big waves with plenty of fish? Go on a party boat.

5. Last but not the least, when you travel; you make plenty of new friends from all around the world and create meaningful relationships. People that you meet on vacation or on a trip are often the people that you will keep in touch with for the rest of your life. You will probably plan another trip with them as soon as you go back to your own reality.


 We hope that the hidden traveler in you will decide to go on a adventure soon.

Maybe it will not be for a very long time, but at least you will travel and discover what our beautiful world has to offer. Have a wonderful trip!

Team June xx