Yanou, co-founder of YogAventures and Coco Flow

Catherine Jones —

Inspiring women of our community – Discover Yanou co-founder of YogAventures & Coco Flow

Yanou is a SUP, yoga/pilates teacher and the co-founder of YogAventures and Coco Flow. She is an entrepreneur, an "assumed snowbird" and a long-time friend to the June Swimwear team. Through her many projects, there is a desire to make physical activity, travel, and the outdoors accessible to everyone.

Passionate about of the sea and the sun, Yanou stands out for her humor, her joie de vivre and her curiosity. Her intention is above all to "transmit, share, connect with people and maybe make a difference in someone's stressful day."

It was in 2009 that she discovered yoga and learned more about its benefits: “I discovered yoga during a more difficult period of my life. I immediately saw a difference, not only on my physical body but also on my mental. I learned to breathe, to connect with myself. It then became a valuable tool and a way of life for me."

For Yanou, the daily benefits of her practice are strength, flexibility, balance, and stress reduction. Yoga also reminds her of the importance of the present moment. She prefers vinyasa (dynamic yoga) to activate and surpass herself, then yin yoga to root herself and to stretch. Her favorite active set is the Doris top and the Escape leggings By June.

A single encounter with Yanou is enough to witness her authenticity and her charisma. Since I met her, I follow and admire her content on social media! On her platform, you’ll find inspirational quotes, adventures, and collaborations with local businesses. I invite you to have a look at Yanou's Instagram page here.


YogAventures & Coco Flow

YogAventures and Coco Flow want to promote yoga, adventure, and nature, through events and retreats. The activities and the workshops they offer are creative, inclusive, and innovative. They are available in Quebec but also internationally. Between SUP yoga/pilates and skateboarding, YogAventures and Coco Flow combine a community of nearly 4,000 people who are passionate about health and well-being.

 “I co-founded YogAventures in 2017 with the desire to democratize yoga and outdoor activities. Recently, I also co-founded Coco Flow which organizes adventure retreats abroad. Whether here in Quebec or in Costa Rica, it is with passion and creativity that I want to share unique experiences that combine what I love most in life: travel, good food, yoga, pilates, SUP, surfing and hiking. One of my goals is to make travelers mindful so that they travel more responsibly in harmony with nature and the local culture. »

To follow Yanou's projects and to discover more about YogAventures & Coco Flow – follow Yanou's Instagram page!