Keep evolving for the planet

Marjorie Larocque —

In this wave of change, we are becoming more and more aware of the consequences of our actions on our planet. Reducing our environmental footprint has become more than a necessity and starts with small & simple gestures that can result in a big impact. Our ambassador Alexandra tells us about the pleasure she had by changing her lifestyle habits and confirms the saying that the door to change opens from the inside.



In the last 5 years, I have evolved a lot on a personal level and I am proud of it. The changes brought to my daily life may seem simple, but they not only have an impact on my ecological footprint, but a huge personal satisfaction emanates from it! These daily actions push me to always do more in regard of our beautiful planet.


Here are a few of them that I hope will inspired you to do the same:


  • Use shampoo and soap bars. Goodbye to plastic bottles that I have seen so many times floating in the water all over the world…
  • Change your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo or cork toothbrush.
  • Use natural deodorant and toothpaste in order to spare your body from toxic products.
  • Reduce your material consumption and buy second-hand to encourage material recycling.
  • Travel by bike, it’s much more fun anyway!
  • Always have your reusable bags on hand.
  • Opt for an ecological solution to feminine hygiene products.
  • No more plastic water bottles! Contrary to what many may think, it’s easy to fill your reusable bottle, even when you’re travelling!
  • Reduce or eliminate meat consumption.
  • Shop local!
  • Avoid ingredients that contain palm oil.
  • Buy durable and ecological clothing such as June’s bikinis.


My swimsuits have been following me everywhere for 3 years now. The fabric is still as beautiful as the first day. They also have the same fit and colour as when I started my travels… and I wear them almost every day!


I’m far from perfect … but being aware of this fact is already the first step towards change. I keep telling myself that balance is the key to success. I am part of the generation in which mentalities are evolving and where people are changing their life habits in order to better respect our planet. Even if I had wanted to make these changes earlier in my life, it is not too late to move forward right now. All we have to do is embrace the change and review our daily habits in order to make them evolve!


Alex xo