Introducing Anne-Marie Asselin

Anne-Marie Asselin is a marine biologist who's not afraid to talk about her conviction and her plans for the future. She's inspirational because of...
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Introducing Aishah Francisque

She's part of the 5 inspirational women we asked to be part of our ''How would you rock your Rockie?'' capsule. Aishah is one of the most talented ...
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Introducing Léa Bégin

For the photoshoot of the How would you rock your Rockie online exclusive capsule, we chose 5 inspiring women who are part of our daily lives. The...
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Trends you need to adopt this summer!

This summer is all about self-confidence and enjoying life by living in the moment. In order to make you feel at your best self for this summer, we...
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Interview with model Elaine Abonal

The days are getting longer, the sun warmer... summer is definitely around the corner! As many of you already know, our summer collection will be l...
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Enjoy summer with June and Vichy!

What we love most about summer is the hot sunny days so we can sit by the pool or just go play outside. For a second year, June is happy to collabo...
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A road trip kind of girl

If you read our previous article, you know one of our favorite idea for summer is definitively the road trip! Being in a car for hours, surrounded ...
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Our 5 Favorite Surf Destinations

This year is all about active travel and spiritual journeys to reconnect with our inner peace. It’s well known; there’s nothing that saltwater can’...
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